My AirNivol, the new app to monitor patient treatment

To ensure a positive experience for patients on therapy with aligners

AirNivol is launching the new app, a digital tool that will allow better management of orthodontic treatments even remotely.

By using the app regularly, the patient will have the opportunity to monitor the treatment in progress, thanks to constant notifications to remember the proper use of the aligners and the dates when the aligners must be changed.

In addition, My AirNivol will give the possibility to have an overview of the overall duration of the treatment, integrate into the timeline the photos related to the aligners changes to check the evolution of the smile during the treatment, and share the results obtained with friends on social channels.


Thanks to the CHECK function, it will be possible to remotely monitor the AirNivol treatment, sending photos of the teeth to the patient’s dentist who can evaluate the progress of the treatment even remotely. There will be the possibility of direct contact with the dentist for a telephone consultation, to resolve any problematic situations that may arise.

My AirNivol will be available from next month on the Apple Store and Google Play platforms.