AirNivol means


AirNivol is perfect for all those people
who love their smile

The first step towards your well-being is to visit an AirNivol certified dentist for a thorough examination of your teeth.
If your dentist doesn’t know AirNivol, don’t worry!
You can send us his/her info and we will contact him/her to explain all the procedures.
Otherwise, go to “Find a Certified Dentist”.

How it works



After receiving the dental scans and documentation from your dentist, our team will generate an AirCheck, that is a 3D treatment plan that will show you the evolution of your smile step by step;



We will send your set of aligners to the dentist, which you can collect and start the treatment;



You will wear each aligner in your set for a period of approximately two weeks, according to the instructions that will be provided to you. Through scheduled appointments with your dentist, you can monitor the progress and effects of each aligner on your teeth.



Once you have completed the entire set of aligners, you can show off your new smile.

Constant support

All treatment takes place under the supervision of an AirNivol certified dentist, who
master all the clinical procedures and guarantee the correct course of your treatment.

How much does it cost?

The cost of an AirNivol orthodontic treatment is variable, since it is planned and customized for each specific case. Each smile is unique: based on the case complexity, the dentist’s assessment and the duration of the treatment, a set of customised aligners will be created. The best way to find out the estimated cost of an orthodontic treatment with AirNivol is to visit a certified dentist and ask for a quote.