AirNivol proposes the
smile revolution


Who we are

Born in Pisa in 2004, present today in over 25 countries, AirNivol has been collaborating with thousands of dentists since 2010, distinguishing itself for the production of a Made in Italy product of excellence.

The company collaborates with a team of university researchers and specializes in the use of artificial intelligence techniques, in production processes using innovative 3D printing technologies and in research on smart materials.

The plan of the treatment with aligners is carried out by specialized technicians, on the basis of a clinical protocol tested over years of studies: a proprietary digital design system allows you to simulate the movements of the teeth, moving them from the initial position to the final one, guaranteeing a result equal to that expected.

Our team of experts in orthodontics checks each clinical case, from the most common to the most complex, making AirNivol a leader in the orthodontic sector: 80% of AirNivol cases are in fact complex.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer value, declined in innovation, clinical experience and top notch service.

We want to show the world how beautiful and spontaneous the Italian smile can be.