AirNivol speakers


Dr. Marco Martini

Dr. Martini graduated in Dentistry at the University of Ferrara in 2012, and specialized in Orthodontics at the Ferrara School in 2016.

Expert in invisible and removable aligners, he is a specialist in orthodontics.

He is a freelancer in Ravenna and has been using the AirNivol system for years to solve cases of dental malocclusion.

He has been an AirNivol consultant for years, both for clinical aspects and for research and development activities.

He is co-author of scientific articles on orthodontics published in international journals.

Dr. Marco Tremolati

Dr. Marco Tremolati graduated in Dentistry in 2008 from the University of Milan, where he also specialized in Orthodontics in 2011 and received his PhD in 2015.

From 2011 to 2015 he worked as a research fellow on Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT). Dr. Tremolati has continued the collaboration with the University of Milan since 2015 as an adjunct Professor in Orthodontics and Dentistry and as coordinator of the graduate school at the Pio Albergo Trivulzio (SSN). He currently works in his co-owned private studio in Milan, which opened in June 2020.

He recently played a key role in the cooperation between the University of Milan, the University of Pisa and the Politecnico di Milano, focusing on the biomechanics of aligners and on the integrated plan of three-dimensional orthodontic diagnosis and treatment.

He has published articles in national and international journals of orthodontics and dentistry.

Dr. Matteo Piergentili

Dr. Matteo Piergentili graduated with honors in Dentistry in 2012. During the last two years of the degree course he was National President of the Italian Association of Dentistry Students.

At the Federico II University he specialized summa cum laude in Orthodontics and obtained the II level Master: “New clinical approaches in contemporary orthodontics” and the II level Master: “Multidisciplinary therapy of temporomandibular, occlusal and postural disorders”.

He obtained the qualification as an active member of the Italian Society of Orthodontists in  2019, the certificate of excellence of the IBOA BOARD of the Italian Association of Aligners in 2020, and the provisional certificate of excellence of the EBO BOARD of the European Society of Orthodontics in 2021.

He supervised the planning of over 5000 clinical cases treated with aligners.

He has held several courses and masters in orthodontics in Italy and abroad since 2016.

He works exclusively as an orthodontist in many dental studios in southern Italy.

Dr. Matteo Piergentili is the author of publications in international orthodontic journals. He is also a member of SIDO, EOS, SIBOS, SIALIGN, and EAS.

He is a member of the Italian Board of Orthodontic Aligner and provisional member of the European Board of Orthodontics.

His clinical interests mainly concern digital orthodontics and orthodontics with aligners.