AirnNvol is partner of the Smart@lign project

AirNivol is a pioneer in research on additive manufacturing technologies and new materials for the biomedical sector.
In this context, the company coordinates the Smart@lign research project, co-funded by the Tuscany Region (POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020 – AXIS I – ACTION 1.1.5), which aims to develop digital design and production technologies for the sector of customized orthodontic devices.

The main aims of the research will be the optimization of the treatment design phase through expert systems based on consolidated clinical protocols, together with the enhancement of additive manufacturing technologies.

The research will be developed with the companies Tosti and AM Testing, and in collaboration with the National Inter-university Consortium for Materials Science and Technology (INSTM) and with the IIT Center of Nanotechnology Innovation.

The results of the project will allow AIRNIVOL to further improve the quality of its products and services and develop new market opportunities.