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Airnivol, the orthodontic aligner

Airnivol is an orthodontic treatment made of a series of orthodontic aligners to be changed approximately every two weeks. It is used to solve dental malocclusion problems and improve the aesthetics of your smile.

The Airnivol treatment is made for people suffering of from dental malocclusion problems but also for those who want to improve the aesthetics of their smile.

The Airnivol treatment is based on the production of a variable series of custom-made orthodontic aligners. Once worn, each aligner exerts forces to move the teeth into the target position. Every two weeks the patient has to replace the aligner with the next, one until the desired alignment is achieved.

Airnivol is a removable and transparent device. The patient has to take it off only to eat, drink and to brush his teeth. It is easy to clean and is finished with precision to give the maximum comfort.

Airnivol is made of a biocompatible material that does not create irritations or allergies. Its matte finishing avoids the glossy effect very common in many other aligners.

Undergo the Airnivol treatment

You can request an Airnivol treatment to the nearest certified dentist in your area. If you can't find one, contact us and we'll put you in contact with the closest to you!

Tell us the name of your dentist. We can contact him and support him with a dedicated course, so that he can get the certification and start using Airnivol.

There is no minimum or maximum age to undergo an Airnivol treatment. Your Airnivol certified dentist will evaluate your case and decide how to proceed.

Airnivol recommends a check with your doctor once or twice a month. But your dentist will set up the appointments based on the needs of your case.

The duration of an Airnivol treatment can last few months, for the simplest cases, up to over a year and a half for the most complex cases. Your dentist will tell you more details about it.

No. Each aligner is finished by hand to avoid irritation or discomfort on the gums. However, a slight discomfort may be felt at the beginning of the treatment because the aligner is active.

Yes, you can undergo an Airnivol treatment if you miss some teeth or in case of preparation for a possible dental implant.

Yes, it is advisable to wear a retainer to avoid a relapse at the end of the treatment. This is something very typical even with traditional orthodontic treatment.

Yes, you can switch from the traditional device to the Airnivol aligners. Your dentist will assess your specific situation.

Airnivol in everyday life

You will need to bring the aligners at least 22 hours a day. The best thing is to remove them only to eat and for the horal hygiene. This is the time required to achieve the desired result.

No, although in rare cases it may take a few days to get used to the aligners.

Yes, we recommend to wear the aligners even at night to reach the daily hours necessary to achieve the optimal results.

Yes, Airnivol aligners are comfortable even for sports activities.

No, smoking when wearing aligners can compromise their elasticity and stain them.

No, Airnivol aligners must be removed immediately before meals and worn again after oral hygiene.

No, it is better to remove the aligner to consume hot drinks. This could reduce the adherence of the aligners and compromise their functionality.

While wearing the Airnivol aligners, it is advisable to drink only water. Any other drink could stain or damage the aligners material.

No, it is better to avoid chewing gum by wearing aligners.

You should contact the doctor who is treating your case. He will report any anomalies to solve them together with the Airnivol technical team.

Maintenance of Airnivol aligners

Airnivol aligners can be cleaned with cold water and a normal dedicated toothbrush.

We recommend to brush your teeth after every meal, before putting the aligners back on, just like you normally would.