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Airnivol is an orthodontic system developed to improve the aesthetics of the smile and to solve dental malocclusion problems. A series of transparent and removable aligners, custom made for the patient, gradually moves the teeth until obtaining the desired result.

Clear orthodontic aligners

By using Airnivol invisible aligners, the patients can correct any flaws in their smile without sacrificing the aesthetics, and with all the comfort of a removable orthodontic device.

Consulenza clinica


Each Airnivol treatment is planned by our technicians and validated by our team of orthodontists.

This practice allows us to assure the doctor a quality and a predictability of the treatment results better than any other aligner system on the market.

procedura operativa

Digital Workflow

The interaction between the dentist and the company takes place through the Airnivol digital platform: once certified, the dentist will use the platform to send the initial documentation and order the treatment.
On the platform it will be possible to visualise in 3D the treatment plan and its evolution, including the all steps and times.

casi complessi

Resolution of complex cases

Thanks to the investments on research and innovation and to the attention the company pays to each individual case, Airnivol is an orthodontic device used to solve even complex class cases, pre-surgical treatments, as well as simple cases of crowding.
casi complessi

Transparent but without glossy effect

Airnivol guarantees all the aesthetics of an invisible device but without the annoying "glossy" effect.
Airnivol in fact does not shine and compared to other brands its opacity contributes to making it really difficult to notice the aligners once worn.
Formazione per medici


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28 May 2019
AIRNIVOL is a pioneer in research on additive manufacturing technologies and new materials for the biomedical sector. In this context, the company coordinates the research project Smart@lign, co-financed by the Tuscany Region (POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020 - ASSE I - ACTION 1.1.5), which aims to develop digital design and production technologies for custom orthodontic devices. The main aims of theā€¦