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Corso avanzato di ortodonzia con allineatori

Corso di formazione

Corso avanzato di ortodonzia con allineatori




Who is it for

The course is addressed to doctors who have already had experience with aligners but also to orthodontists interested in acquiring the basics of orthodontic technique with invisible aligners.

What you will learn

The course will focus on integrating Airnivol system into daily clinical practice. Particular attention will be paid to the protocols to be used in the various malocclusions.

How could you put in practice what you’ve learnt

During the course the doctor can bring new or already treated cases to discuss them with the speaker. In the following weeks  it will be possible to start new treatments, with the support of the speaker and other Airnivol consultants, using the web platform.

Participation fee

€ 150,00 + VAT
(€ 183,00 VAT included)
Corso di formazione

The predictability of the success of an orthodontic treatment is a fundamental element both for patients and for the orthodontist. To date the poor quality of clinical trials on aligners forces us to a clinical activity still based on experience, rather than on the evidence-based approach of orthodontic literature. For this reason, the Airnivol protocol was developed in accordance with the biological needs of patients and aims at a personalized staging based on biomechanical principles.

Diagnosis and treatment planning through a correct prescription and a critical review of the digital set-up
Management of clinical preferences
Rational management of diastemas and crowding problems
Stripping planning
Class II treatment
Treatment of cases with dentoalveolar asymmetry
Treatment of posterior and anterior crossbite
Integration of skeletal anchoring devices in aligner therapy
Rational management of containment

The participants can bring models, photographs and x-rays of a case to be diagnosed with the supervisor.

Registration terms

Registrations will be accepted, in order of receipt, and they will be subject to availability
Fax: 0815742390
Via Available Seats: 15

Data for payment by bank transfer:
IBAN: IT86 L0l 030 40160000000360071
Causal "Advanced Course in Orthodontics with Aligners"

Course location
San Giorgio a Cremano
Via San Giorgio Vecchio, 90 / H
San Giorgio a Cremano (Na)
Organizing Secretariat
Saviano S.r.l.
Phone. 0815742390 / Mobile. 3341411076 Email.


Airnivol organizes many training courses on invisible aligners for different levels of experience.

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How did you learn about our course?
How did you learn about our course?
Have you already solved orthodontic cases by using invisible aligners?
Have you already solved orthodontic cases by using invisible aligners?
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